The Days of Elvis Series

Sometimes an innocent and seemingly unimportant choice can change your life forever. Julie Morgan makes one of those trivial decisions on a hot October night in 1955 when she opts to attend a concert by an unknown singer named Elvis Presley. One misstep leads to another until

In Those Glory Days of Elvis

What if you traded your identity and couldn’t get it back? Could you live your life as someone else?

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After the shocking death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Julie Morgan discovers that she has also lost her home because of a risky identity swap. Designed to save her from shame and disgrace, the “perfect scheme” backfires, forcing her to masquerade as her lookalike, Carmen.

Frightened and alone, Julie has no alternative but to seek refuge with her alcoholic father. Unlike the easy decision she made to attend an Elvis concert, she now faces a choice which, if wrong, could condemn her to a lifetime of sadness and loss.

This eagerly awaited third book in the Days of Elvis series puts you in the middle of Julie’s harrowing struggle to reclaim her identity. She must find a way out of this dilemma, or lose herself forever, as well as the person she loves most in the world.


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IN THOSE GLORY DAYS OF ELVIS will be here in the fall!!! This month we have a guest author on board whom I have interviewed for your reading pleasure. KRYSTEN LINDSAY HAGER and I shared a table at the Ohioana … Continued

Amazing read! Plagued by being a social outcast in school from a broken home in 1955, Julie Morgan is invited to a birthday celebration at a concert and talent show one October evening. After being weirded out by seeing her … Continued

The Scaredy Cat

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Recently a group of friends and I have been reminiscing online about places we loved as children in our hometown of El Dorado, Arkansas. What a marvel cyberspace is to reunite lost schoolmates and allow them to share their memories. … Continued

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Praise for In Those Dazzling Days of Elvis “The author touches on potentially difficult issues—divorce, infidelity, pregnancy, and abortion—and does an admirable job portraying the often inconceivable repercussions of now commonplace experiences in a small, Southern town in the ’50s. … Continued

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I loved this book! I grew up in El Dorado Arkansas and could put myself in all of those places  . . .  including Elvis’ shows at the football stadium. Great read for the teenagers. Should make them think, shouldn’t it? Good … Continued