In Those First Bright Days Of Elvis


The pain of being an unpopular Dilbert mushrooms like a nuclear cloud when Julie Morgan makes an innocent decision to attend a concert by a new singer named Elvis Presley. Already burdened with low self-esteem because of her broken home, Julie becomes desperate when her only three friends dump her at the concert. To make matters worse on that fateful night, the foundation of her world is shaken when she comes face to face with an identical lookalike.

Forced to suppress her shyness and reach out to the popular crowd to keep from being utterly alone, Julie teeters on the precipice of success when in-crowd leader Maylene announces the final test for Julie’s acceptance. The tension builds as Julie struggles with taking the step to secure her position, a step which could either end in disaster or make her dreams come true. Should she take the risk? What would you do?

If you like gripping tension and page-turners you can’t put down, you will love this heart-wrenching YA series, The Days of Elvis, set in the deep south in those unforgettable days when Rock ’n’ Roll was born.

Josephine Rascoe Keenan masterfully weaves a story of anguish and betrayal, love and loss, recrimination and regret, to show how choices, once made, can change your life forever.
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