In Those Dazzling Days of Elvis

The Days of Elvis Series, Book 2

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Trapped by the consequences of a serious misstep, Julie Morgan faces the shame and rejection doled out to those who break the rigid social code of the 1950s. Desperate, Julie turns to lookalike Carmen who proposes an outrageous scheme. If it succeeds, it could save the day, but the stakes are high should it fail. Encouraged by Elvis Presley’s long-distance friendship, Julie risks everything for this “perfect” plan. Success is in sight when an unexpected twist of Fate intervenes, leaving Julie to flounder in the heap of rubble that was once her life.


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Karen Emmons
Karen Emmons
6 years ago

I just completed a two day marathon reading of Josephine Rascoe Keenan’s books from her trilogy series “The Days of Elvis.” I felt that I needed to reacquaint myself with the characters by rereading last years book 1, “In Those First Bright Days of Elvis,” before reading book 2, “In Those Dazzling Days of Elvis.” I’m so glad I did. I have come to know and love each of the characters and can relate to many of their life choices. Though I have not experienced the depth of loss Julie is experiencing, I can relate and sympathize with the choices… Read more »