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Recently a group of friends and I have been reminiscing online about places we loved as children in our hometown of El Dorado, Arkansas. What a marvel cyberspace is to reunite lost schoolmates and allow them to share their memories. One place in particular, The Colonial Bakery, has dominated our conversations the past few days, and ironically, one of my earliest publications was a short story for children about this place. It was published in 1970, and I was paid $25.00 for it. To me, it was a fortune, for it heralded a possible future for me as a writer. Only a few modest changes have been made to accommodate sensory sensations of those who were not so fortunate as to grow up with the smell of squishy, white bread, the most delicious I have ever eaten to this day, being baked just around the corner from the schoolhouse.
Here it is.





If you enjoyed this story, please let me know by leaving a comment. Also, I’d love to hear how you liked IN THOSE FIRST BRIGHT DAYS OF ELVIS, and IN THOSE DAZZLING DAYS OF ELVIS.
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Katy Duffell
Katy Duffell

Dear Friend Loved the Sticker Bush story, so very you in its style. x

Andrew Speno
Andrew Speno

I can hear the voice of the author I know so well. Not as sophisticated, not as pitch-perfect in its word choice and phrasing…but it is the Josephine I know! (And a delightful story, too.)

Nita Clarisey
Nita Clarisey

I like your story, Josephine.
Lots of emotion in a short read.
So glad for your success!