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Josephine in Blue 2015Here’s the latest on my debut novel! Those of you who commented on the title, IN THOSE FIRST BRIGHT DAYS OF ELVIS, helped to convince the publisher not to change it. You have my heartfelt thanks, for I strongly believe that Elvis’s name in the title will attract people of all ages. The book was initially styled for young adults, but the further I got into writing it, the broader the target readership became. Now folks who grew up with Elvis’s music, as well as the younger generation, are contacting me with the exciting question, “When will the book be out?”

Here’s the very latest news: The launch date is set for March 16, 2016! Now there’s something to smile about!

How would you like to help with creating an umbrella title for the whole series? Did I tell you there will be a total of three books dealing with the life of the main character, Julie? You can call it a trilogy or a series, whichever you like. So, the series/trilogy title needs to be something like this: IN THOSE FIRST BRIGHT DAYS OF ELVIS, Book I, of the _____________   series. Of course, you must be thinking that it would help you think of a series title, if you knew what the other two books were going to be about. I am on the verge of completing the first draft of Book II, which will be about the consequences that befall Julie as a result of her choices in Book I. Book III will be about the resolution of conflicts arising in Book II and the tying up of loose ends. Both will be exciting and will stand on their own, as well as connect with and continue the story that begins in Book I, IN THOSE FIRST BRIGHT DAYS OF ELVIS. The books are set in the south, in Arkansas, to be exact, if that helps you in a title search. Anyone with an idea for the series, please leave it in the Comments Section of this website.

The best series I’ve ever read was The Merlin Series, by Mary Stewart. If you haven’t read those books, starting with The Crystal Cave, you are in for a treat. Please tell me in the comments, if you have read them, and also, feel free to mention your favorite series.

I have recently added more paintings to that section of the website, so check them out before you leave. Till next time–



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Kathy M
Kathy M
8 years ago

Josephine, this is great to hear! Your book is launching on “St. Patrick’s Day Eve” — a grand day, to be sure! Makes me want to jig for joy (not an idle threat)!
And YES, the Mary Stewart books made a huge impression on me in my early teens, and ensured that my first overseas adventure in the early ’80s included a trip to Wales. Y’know, it’s high time I re-read those!
And I’ll noodle on your “trilogy title” request. For some reason, the word “magnolia” is bubbling up … Kathy M

Josephine Rascoe Keenan
Josephine Rascoe Keenan
8 years ago
Reply to  Kathy M

And how I love to watch you jig, Kathy! I’m intrigued with your bubbling up word. Thanks for your support.

8 years ago

Congrats, Josie! This is exciting news indeed!
By the way, The Crystal Cave is my all time favorite book period, and certainly the one I liked best of the trilogy. Great minds think alike!

Josephine Rascoe Keenan
Josephine Rascoe Keenan
8 years ago
Reply to  Beed

Thanks, Beed.