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I recently shared on Facebook a post from “Stuff” with a Christmas message that touched me deeply. It said, “As we grow older, our Christmas list gets shorter, and we find out that the things we really want can’t be bought.”

How true that statement is, especially for those of us who have lost family members and friends, and for those who are alone during the holidays. I dare say, if many of us could have our hearts’ desires this Christmas, it would be to have those loved ones back among us. The thought brings to mind the words of a poem by Elizabeth Akers Allen, and which some of you may have known me to quote before:

“Backward, turn backward, O Time in your flight,

Make me a child again, just for tonight.”

The scientists tell us time is not passing as we perceive it to be.  Some have suggested that we are still “back” there in the past, and here simultaneously in what we perceive to be the present, as well as also being in the future. It is a mystery that I would love to see unveiled.

I heard someone on TV ask, “What was your favorite Christmas gift of all time?” For me, I would have to say it was my 45 record player. old-45-record-playerI will never forget coming into the living room in the darkness of Christmas morning and seeing the dim outline of that longed-for gift beneath the tree. That favorite gift played me through my youth, brought Elvis and other great musicians into our home, and entertained my pals and me through those precious years of high school. Until that Christmas we’d had only an old wind-up Edison and a 78 player, both with records that sounded scratchy and broke easily. Somewhere along the line, the beloved 45 got swapped out for a 33 and 1/3 hi fidelity LP record player, but those small, plastic discs with the big hole in the center still lie, scratched and worn in a treasure box in the attic, and symbolize the enormous change brought to our lives by Rock ‘n’ Roll music.

I hope you will leave me a comment about your favorite gift of all time. I love to read about your memories.

Keep an eye out for Book Two of The Days of Elvis series, In Those Dazzling Days of Elvis. It is currently being edited and is scheduled to launch in the spring.

Thank you for your interest and support of my books, and a merry and blessed Christmas to you all.


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Kathy M
Kathy M
6 years ago

Josephine, a portable kiddie record player (mid to late 1960s vintage) was a favorite toy on my household. It was the color of a creamsicle, striped orange and white. My sibling and I gave it quite the workout, from brightly colored yellow and red 45s to those cardboard cut-out records from the back of cereal boxes. Thanks for stirring some great memories! Kathy M

William Emmons
William Emmons
6 years ago

Thanks Bill

Cheryl Welch
Cheryl Welch
6 years ago

Loved the story, my gift I remember the most was little sewing machine from Santa and a teddy bear gift from my grandfather who didn’t give us any thing most of the time

Linda Hall Fordyce
6 years ago

I loved reading about your 45 player. I listened to so many records on it with you! I feel like we were “back in the 50’s again” for a minute.
Love and Merry Christmas,

Don Eudy
6 years ago

Josephine, A beautiful story about the most wonderful time of the year. Thanks for sharing it with us Hometown Folks!

Nancy D
Nancy D
6 years ago

When I was abotu 9 years old, Dad and I went shopping to get a gift for Mom. While out, I saw a beautiful white bisque angel that played music when you turned the disc at her feet. Dad said he didn’t think that was really Mom’s cup of tea, and instead we should get her some Chanel Number 5 powder and perfume that came in a pretty box. So when Christmas morning came, Mom and the siblings opened their gifts (including the beautiful box of Chanel Number 5), and I opened a box with my name on it. It… Read more »