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Saturday night at the drive-in
Saturday night at the drive-in


Tomorrow is the day, my friends—the day I and many of you, according to the anticipation and excitement you’ve expressed in emails and Facebook comments to me, have awaited for what seems like forever—LAUNCH DAY for IN THOSE FIRST BRIGHT DAYS OF ELVIS!

Many of you will be celebrating with me at launch parties on May 3, and May 14, at the charming Blue Marble bookstore in Ft. Thomas, Ky. Many of you who live too far away to join us have already received and are reading your pre-ordered copies of this, my debut book.

If I had one wish to make about this long-awaited day, it would be that my mother could be here to see it. When I told her many years ago that someday I planned to write a book, she asked me to dedicate it to her, and by the time I accomplished this goal, I had to dedicate it to her memory. I also dedicated it to the memory of Elvis, an artist so scorned by many who only value “classical” music, but so appreciated and loved by those of us with the insight to understand where he was coming from, and with hearing finely tuned enough to value his beautiful voice.

I was not present at any of the concerts he gave in El Dorado, Arkansas, where the book is set, but I have hung on every word of friends who were there and told the rest of us about them. One of those El Dorado concerts you will read about in the first chapter of the book.

The one time I did see an Elvis concert was in Cincinnati, Ohio back in the seventies. The only seats left were behind him and we four girls who went together, since our husbands refused to go, tittered all night at the sight of his white underpants showing through his white suit. When writing the book, I incorporated the rear seats and the rear of his underpants into the novel, which begins with his last concert in Indianapolis on June 26, 1977.

If you plan to read the book, I hope you will leave feedback here on the website about your response to it. If you love certain things about it, please let me know. Also, my writers group has conditioned me to hear criticism, so if you have any, feel free to leave that, too. Anything you say will be helpful to me in making Books II and III of The Days of Elvis series stronger.

Thanks for visiting today, and happy reading.



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karen odenbach

this is the best book i have ever read. keeps you glued to reading it with no fill. keep up the excellent writing. wishing you the best of everything. P.S. when you slanted your eyes thursday night at class i just cracked up. you could always write under a different name with a photo of you scrunching up your eyes making people thing you are oriental. glad we are good friends and square dance buddies. Karen

Karen Emmons
I was amazed how much emotion was evoked, within me, as I read “In Those First Bright Days of Elvis” by author Josephine Rascoe Keenan. I found that I could not put the book down until I completed it. The story immediately transported me back to my school days in the 50’s/60’s as I identified so many characters, in the book, with my own friends. I especially identified with the characters quest to be included with the “in-crowd.” I thoroughly enjoyed how the author peppered Elvis’ songs throughout the book, to add just the right flavor to a very enjoyable… Read more »
Paulette McGlothlin

Enjoyed the book very much. It was fun to relive some El Dorado memories. I have Elvis memories from living in Memphis when his first record and first movie came out.

Kathy Cannon Wiechman

Congrats on your big day, Josephine! It’s always great to see hard work come to fruition. As you often tell me, “When thy cup runneth over, enjoy it.” Enjoy every single minute.

Diane Roketenetz

Josephine, congratulations on the launch of your book! Dan and I are so proud of you. You have put a lot of time, energy, creativity into this endeavor. We hope you take the time to enjoy this accomplishment. We wish you lots of success and can’t wait to celebrate with you. Love, Diane and Dan

MB Thompson

See you tomorrow night! So excited for you! MB

Kathy M

Josephine, I am so excited for you! I’ve had your launch party dates on my calendar for weeks. I have a crushing deadline at work that may make me getting to the Tuesday party a challenge, but it is in my heart to do everything in my power to be there to help celebrate this long-awaited day. And I love your original art of the drive-in that you included here on your blog page!
Your fan,
Kathy M