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Saturday night at the drive-in


What days were those? In the Days of Elvis series, they were just prior to Elvis’s being drafted into the armed services. True, he made a comeback when he returned home from duty, but he never achieved the glory he had before they shaved his head and sent him to Germany, where he met the love of his life.

My books are not about Elvis. They’re about the times he lived in when he was young and first coming on the music scene. If you’ve read books I and II, IN THOSE FIRST BRIGHT DAYS OF ELVIS and IN THOSE DAZZLING DAYS OF ELVIS, you know the series is about women growing up in the fifties and how they were treated by the world. Specifically, the series is about Julie Morgan, who makes an unwise decision and pays for it the rest of her life. How she chooses to pay is what you’ll learn in Glory Days.

Nowadays, teens can be in contact with each other in a heartbeat through texting and mobile phones. In mid-20th century America, girls had to wait at home to get a call from their heartthrobs. In those days, smart girls didn’t call boys. They also didn’t move in with a guy before marriage. If an unmarried girl got pregnant in those days, she had two choices: marry the boy, (if he would marry her), or be sent away to a home for unwed mothers, under the guise of having a “terminal” illness, for which a miraculous cure was discovered in time for her to come home for the Christmas holidays, or graduation, whichever happened near the time she delivered a bouncing baby something (no way to know the sex of a baby before birth back then).

Maybe you haven’t thought about the fact that in another heartbeat we could still be hurled back to those times in which women were repressed and relegated to the roles of servants and breeders, as we were for millennia. They say history repeats itself. I am aware that some women believe it is God’s will that women have no rights, and if that works for you, America allows you the freedom to live that way, but there is another point of view that many females hold, that it is God’s will for them to be respected and given the opportunity to fulfill their purposes on earth, with the freedom to choose the paths they follow.

I’m going to leave you with those thoughts this month with the hope that you will leave me your feedback in the comments section. I am interested in your opinions.

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karen odenbach
karen odenbach

i can’t wait to read the third book

Linda Fordyce
Linda Fordyce

This is thoughtful very well- written. I can’t wait to get my third book. Hugs and love, Linda

Katy Duffell
Katy Duffell

Dearest Cousin, such good news that the 3rd book is due out soon. Sp good to see you both on skype recently. I think we may have arrived in summer at last, but I won’t hold my breath. All the best luck. xxx

Kathy Wiechman

We have definitely come a long way, and many think of the fifties as a carefree time. Your books show the reality.

Norma Kramer
Norma Kramer

I am totally sickened by the political atmosphere in this country. Every day brings more disgusting revelations about the Repugnant party ! However I love the Elvis Series and I look forward to reading the third in this series. Thank you dear friend Josephine !