In Those First Bright Days Of Elvis

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In Those First Bright Days of Elvis tells the story of a seemingly unimportant, even trivial decision that sets in motion events that bring about irreparable consequences.

One October night in 1955 Julie Morgan, for lack of something more exciting to do, attends a concert, where an unknown singer by the name of Elvis Presley is the featured performer. Her attendance at this show triggers incidents that ultimately change the course of her life.

That night at the concert, Julie encounters three strangers. The first, a lookalike, who could pass for Julie’s twin; the second, a college boy who becomes the love of Julie’s life; and the third, a little known singer, Elvis Presley, on the precipice of a meteoric rise to fame, who befriends Julie and whose casual comment about a light bulb becomes a beacon to guide her to her father. Unaware that her longings to feel truly loved and valued stem from the need to have her father in her life, Julie unconsciously tries to substitute a boy’s love for the missing father’s guidance and support.

Josephine Rascoe Keenan masterfully weaves a story of human anguish and betrayal, of love and loss, of recrimination, and of regret for choices that, once made, change one’s life forever. She recreates the “golden days” of drive-in movies, screen wire petticoats, and glitzy American cars, when the world seemed brighter and more innocent than today. But was it?

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