In Those Dazzling Days of Elvis

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A secret rules her life.

In the days when Elvis Presley dazzles the nation, his “good luck charm,” Julie Morgan, a small town girl bound by the social code of the 1950s, makes a serious mistake in a botched attempt to bolster her self-esteem. A seemingly innocent decision to attend a concert proves to be a misstep which leads to another, and another, and yet another, ultimately catapulting her into a trap with no apparent way out.

In desperation, Julie agrees to a scheme that Carmen, her lookalike, insists will be Julie’s salvation. Their plan is risky, and Julie’s resolve flails, until from the glare of fame comes Elvis’s friendship and support. Renewed, she hangs on, until fate intervenes in this “perfect” plan to turn back time and restore her innocence, leaving Julie alone in the heap of rubble that was once her life.

 But can you ever hide from the truth?

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